Sticker Pack | Small

You will receive 3 stickers and have the chance to find every color in your pack.

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2,99 €
Du erhältst 3 aus 174 Sticker

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Detaillierte Beschreibung

You will receive three stickers in this pack. Each sticker is randomly selected, so you can find any color in this pack. 🇩🇪

Points bonus: Buy this pack and earn 100 extra points! Your points bonus will be credited to your points account after purchase.

The probability that a given sticker in your pack has a certain color is as follows:

  • ⬛️ Black: 90.09%
  • 🟥 Red: 9.01%
  • 🟨 Gold: 0.90% ⚠️ Due to high demand, it may take a few seconds for the pack to arrive. Thank you for your patience!