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We are delighted to present an exciting new promotion from our partner unyfy in cooperation with WorldChanger: the WorldChanger Packs! With these packs, you can not only collect your favourite stars and, with a bit of luck, get your hands on exclusive, unique stickers, but you also automatically support the Alexander Zverev Foundation. 

Here you can find out everything you need to know about the special WorldChanger packs.

What is WorldChanger?

WorldChanger inspires sustainable action and promotes projects for a better future. Mindfulness, trust and appreciation take centre stage and important environmental and social projects are supported together with companies and individuals.

The WorldChanger flagship event for the Alexander Zverev Foundation will take place in Going/Austria on 24 June 2024.

What's in the WorldChanger Packs?

There is a separate WorldChanger Pack for each WorldChanger star. Each pack contains 4 stickers: the sticker from the selected star and three randomly selected stickers from the other stars.

Particularly exciting: each star pack also contains a unique golden sticker of the respective star. Holders of the golden stickers will receive a real-life perk from the respective star, such as a personalised greeting message.

Everything at a glance:

Cost per star pack: €2.00

Contents: 4 stickers (chosen star + 3 random stars)

Each star gold sticker unique (1 gold sticker/star): Only available in the respective personalised pack

Availability: While stocks last

With the WorldChanger star stickers, you can expand your collection and maybe even get your hands on one of the unique gold stickers. In any case, you are doing something good by supporting the Alexander Zverev Foundation!

After deducting the payment and provider costs, unyfy will donate the remaining net proceeds to the WorldChanger flagship event in favour of the Alexander Zverev Foundation.

Thank you very much for your support and have fun collecting!

Your SDT team

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