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Team D Paris Medalists Pre-Drop: Limited Presale and Instant Prizes 🥇📦

2024-06-16 07:17 PM by SammelDeinTeam–  3m read

We are pleased to introduce the new Team D Paris Medallists Pre-Drop! With the purchase of the limited edition pre-drop sticker, you are guaranteed to receive a limited edition sticker from every Team Germany medallist at the Olympic Games in Paris. In addition, each pre-drop sticker comes with an instant prize and an attractive points bonus.

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Here you can find all the facts at a glance.

Pre-drop stickers 🖼

Edition: 2024 pieces

Price: 99 €

Points bonus: 9,900 points for every purchase

Special reward: owners receive stickers from all German medallists

Instant prize: Each sticker contains an instant prize 🎁

Team D Paris medalist collection 🥇🥈🥉

Exclusively on CollectYourTeam you can collect officially licensed digital stickers of Team Germany during the Olympic Games in Paris. All German medal winners will be immortalized in the Team D Paris medal collection. Purchasers of the pre-drop sticker are guaranteed to receive the sticker of every medallist.

Everyone else will have the chance to purchase individual stickers from the collection, but only minimal quantities will be available beyond the stickers purchased in the pre-drop. Here is the exact overview:

Gold: 100 pieces on free sale, €30 per sticker

Silver: 200 pieces on free sale, €20 per sticker

Bronze: 300 pieces on free sale, €10 per sticker

Medal-winning stickers will also be unlockable with points.

Instant prizes 🏆

You are guaranteed to receive one of the following instant prizes with every Olympic pre-drop sticker:.

  • 43 x 2 day tickets for the fan zone 🎟️
  • 6 x 2 tickets for the German House 🎫
  • 6 signed shirts 👕✍️
  • 19 unsigned shirts 👕
  • 5 x 2 ‘surprise package’ 🎁
  • 1,945 x 2024 points 🎉

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tl;dr ⏱

With the purchase of a pre-drop sticker

  • you will receive stickers of all German medal winners,
  • you will receive a guaranteed instant prize
  • if the Team Germany athletes perform as successfully as at the last Games, you will get a real bargain

With the point reward of 9,900 points, you can also unlock more exclusive stickers on SammelDeinTeam and expand your collection at no extra cost.

Stay tuned for further updates and good luck collecting! 🎊

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