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Update (13.06.24)

Every player who has already received their badge for a complete collection through a collection that has been completed to date will automatically be entered into the competition 🎟️ - even if they no longer draw Emre Can in sticker packs or receive them through purchase/exchange.

Update (22.05.24)

The hype surrounding the new EM collection is huge - and we have fantastic news for you! 🎉

To make collecting even easier for you, we're permanently reducing the prices of the Premium Pack and the gold and red stickers. At the same time, we're increasing availability for you so that you have a better chance of successfully completing the collections. Golden stickers are now available 2024 times each and there are now 20240 copies of each red sticker.

What are you waiting for? Grab the stickers and packs now and get 50% more points with every purchase until Friday (May 24th, 2024, 4 pm)!️ ⭐️

Don't miss out on this collecting fun and expand your collection today! 🎊


Head coach Julian Nagelsmann has announced the provisional European Championship squad and we would like to finally introduce you to the new European Championship collection on From today, you can collect the officially DFB-licensed digital stickers of the DFB stars of the men's national team for the European Championship in the new home and away jerseys.

Sticker collections ⚫🔴🟡

The stickers are once again available in three different colours: Black, red and gold. The black stickers are the most common, the red ones are limited to 20240 pieces each and show the players in the trendy pink away kit and the gold stickers only exist 2024 times per sticker.

In addition, you will now find information about the respective player and the shirt number on all stickers.

The game principle is simple: you can unlock, buy and swap the digital sticker collections with the official squad for the European Championship with points. If you manage to complete at least one of the three collections, you automatically have the chance to win prizes. The prizes for the European Championship collection will be announced on 1 June.

The players who were called up by Julian Nagelsmann for the provisional European Championship squad, but are ultimately not part of the official European Championship squad, will no longer be part of the European Championship collection. However, if you have already collected a sticker of one of these players, it will remain in your collection even after the official squad announcement for the European Championships.

Packs 📦

The digital stickers are once again contained in packs. The packs are the digital version of the familiar sachets with trading cards.

They are available in different sizes (3, 5 or 7 stickers). The packs can be unlocked with points or purchased - depending on the contents, they cost between €1.99 and €17.75.

There will also be individual stickers again, which can be purchased for between €1,49 and €17.75 depending on the content.

As before, fans can also collect points for various activities with which they can unlock packs for free.

In addition, your loyalty and commitment will be permanently rewarded with the login streak.

We hope you enjoy collecting and swapping the new European Championship sticker collection on SammelDeinTeam!

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