Easter special: The SammelDeinTeam Easter bunny has hidden daily surprises for you! (incl. April Fool's joke)🐣🎉

2024-03-27 11:01 PM by SammelDeinTeam–  1m read

Watch out - celebrate Easter with us! From Maundy Thursday (28 March) to Easter Monday (1 April), the Easter bunny 🐰 will be out and about on SammelDeinTeam, handing out free stickers or points 🎁 every day.

How does it work? It's very simple! 🌟

All you have to do is open CollectYourTeam every day and you'll be part of the great Easter adventure! Grab your daily Easter surprise egg in the form of free stickers or points. 🤩🥚

The exciting thing? 🤔

Until you open it, it remains a secret whether you will find dots or a sticker in your Easter egg. 💖 So take a look at every day and get your daily surprise for free. 💎 Don't miss this chance to fill your Easter holidays with joy and excitement. 🎈 We look forward to seeing you on SammelDeinTeam and celebrating Easter with you. 🌷

Happy Easter 🐣 and good luck with your daily surprise hunt! 🍀

April Fool's update...

Dear community, we have to admit: The awarding of the 150 badge sticker was our little April Fool's joke! But don't worry, as a thank you for your good humour, everyone who thought they got it will receive a golden sticker instead. For those of you who saw the 150 badge "unauthorised" in your collection - look now, it's gone. Instead, you can now expect a centrepiece in your collection that celebrates your team spirit and our shared joy.

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Yay! You have seen it all

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