What is SammelDeinTeam.de?

At SammelDeinTeam.de, fans can collect digital stickers officially licensed by the DFB from the stars of the German national football team.

With the digital DFB collector's album, you can experience the German DFB men's national team even better before and during Euro 2024 in Germany.

The digital sticker collections are based on the classic sticker collecting game that has delighted generations of football fans for decades.

What's more, fans who have collected all of the black, red and/or gold sticker collections have the chance to win exciting prizes such as tickets and jerseys.

How can I get the stickers?

You can buy the stickers and pay for them easily using standard payment methods or unlock them for free with points you have collected. Click here for the stickers.

What is the difference between the black, red and gold stickers?

The stickers of the DFB stars are available in different levels of rarity: Black, red & gold

Black stickers are the most common, gold stickers the rarest.

Fans who manage to collect the entire squad in one colour also have the chance to win prizes such as tickets or jerseys.

Can I swap my stickers?

Yes, you can swap your duplicate stickers at any time. You can find more information about swapping stickers here.

Which players are in the Road to Munich collection?

In the Road to Munich collection, you can collect all players who were in the squad for the 2022 World Cup or who were or will be in the DFB men's national team squad for at least one international match. In other words: the collection will be expanded until the official announcement of the European Championship squad when new players are called up to the squad.

Which players are in the new European Championship collection?

The players who were called up to the provisional European Championship squad by Julian Nagelsmann on 16 May 2024, but are ultimately not part of the official European Championship squad, will no longer be part of the European Championship collection. However, if you have already collected a sticker of these players, it will remain in your collection even after the official squad announcement for the European Championships.

You can find all information about the EM collection here.

How do I get golden stickers?

The golden stickers are not that common. They are therefore very difficult to obtain.

You are guaranteed to get at least one (1) golden sticker if you buy the Rarities Pack or unlock them for free with your points. With a bit of luck, golden stickers will also be included in the other packs.

How do I get points to unlock stickers for free?

  • One-off 2024 points - immediately after registration
  • 30 points every day - when you open #CollectYourTeam while logged in
  • 12 points every day - if you write a comment (1 x daily)
  • 12 points every day - if a comment or post you have written receives a Like (1 x daily)
  • Buy a pack and secure a 100/150/300/750/500/1200 point reward when you buy a pack - when you buy a pack

Where can I complete my basic profile and/or "Fan Info"?

Click here to go to the basic info and fan info in your profile.

How can I send an invitation code to a friend?

You can create an invitation code for your friend here.

Where can I find the stickers that I have purchased and/or activated?

Your stickers are automatically stored in your wallet, which you automatically received from us when you signed up. You can find your stickers in the "Stickers" section under "My stickers"

How can I see which stickers I'm missing?

In the individual collections, you can see which stickers you already have and which you are still missing.

Further questions

If you have any further questions about the DFB collector's album on #SammelDeinTeam, please contact support@sammeldeinteam.de