🔥 New digital stickers for your collections 🚀 (Update 02.05)

2024-03-14 01:55 PM by SammelDeinTeam–  2m read

German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann has just named the squad for the upcoming international matches against France and the Netherlands 📣.

The "squad newcomers" Robin Koch, Jan-Niklas Beste, Maximilian Mittelstädt, Waldemar Anton, Deniz Undav, Maximilian Beier and Toni Kroos are now included in our "Road to Munich" sticker collection as the latest additions.

A special innovation in the integration of these players into our sticker series is that the new players initially appear greyed out in the packs as shadows 👤. This means that the player portraits are temporarily not visible, but don't worry - as soon as the squad newcomers have successfully completed the photo shoot, they will be retroactively added to the existing stickers. This way, your collection will always be up to date and you won't have to wait so long for the exciting new additions.👌

Following the final squad nomination before the European Championships, the final number of stickers in the black, red and gold "Road to Munich" collections has now been finalised: the collections consist of 7 stickers each.

By the way: Every player who has already received their badge for a complete collection to date is automatically entered into the competition 🎟️ - even if they no longer draw Nagelsmann's squad newcomers in sticker packs or receive them through purchase/exchange.

Have fun collecting and good luck on your way to the complete "Road to Munich" collection! 📚🎉

UPDATE: The shadow stickers get their faces 🎉

After a long wait and a lot of patience, the shadow stickers will soon have their faces 🎉

The special thing is that the players are already wearing the new national team jerseys.

Why? The players who were called up to the team for the first time for the Germany-France international match were photographed exclusively in their new shirts. 📸

Good for you, you can already get a first taste of the European Championship sticker collection 😉🌟

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