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2024-04-05 04:36 PM by SammelDeinTeam–  2m read

Dear SammelDeinTeam Community! 🌟

Get ready, because from 05.04.24 we are launching our daily special Sticker FlashSale!💥 This is your big chance to secure unique sticker packs 🎁 every day at an unbelievably low price and complete your collections. But beware: the offer is only valid for a limited time (minimum: 24 hours ⏰) and while stocks last! So it really is worth checking back (several times) every day to make sure you don't miss out on any of these sensational deals.

What's waiting for you in these packages?

You get the chance to get all the stickers of a player, the national team coach or Paule in the magnificent colors black, red and gold in ONE pack. 🖤❤️💛 And the best thing about it is the price - each pack is available for the unique and absolutely unbeatable price of just 10.00 euros 💶. Yes, you heard right, for 10.00 euros!

Due to the small quantities of the golden stickers 🌟, the availability of these special sticker packs is automatically strictly limited and this is exactly what makes the packs so special and limited. That's why this FlashSale is based on the principle: first come, first served 🏃‍♂️💨. Don't wait too long, because the stickers are waiting for their new owner and the competition never sleeps 😴.

We know that as a true collector and fan 🕵️‍♂️ you are always on the lookout for the best bargains, and that's exactly what we want to offer you with this FlashSale. It's the perfect opportunity to complete your collections, add your favorite player to your scrapbook and get a real bargain at the same time!

So, get ready, mark the start day in your calendar 📅 and be part of our exciting Special Sticker FlashSale. Be there, grab the deals and let's make this FlashSale an unforgettable event together! 🚀

Click here for Special Player Flash Sale

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