Additional Easter surprise - extension of 50% discount promotion until 02.04.24! 🚀 🏷️

2024-03-21 11:00 AM by SammelDeinTeam–  1m read

Would you like to finally complete your "Road to Munich" sticker collection in the colours black, red and gold? 🖤❤️💛

Then we have just the thing for you! To mark the current international match period, from March 21 to April 2, 2024 until 1:00 pm you have the great opportunity to purchase all stickers in this collection with a 50% discount 💰.

This discount campaign is your opportunity to complete your collections and enter the prize draw!

Whether you're an experienced collector looking for the latest rarities or someone who has just discovered their love of collecting, this promotion is for anyone looking to expand and complete their collection. 🚀

Take the chance now and get the coveted stickers for half price for a short time! 🏷️ Click here for the individual stickers and packs.

For each complete collection, you will receive an additional exclusive badge with which you can show the community in your profile and in comments that you have managed to complete the exclusive collections. 🇩🇪

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Yay! You have seen it all

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