The "Road-to-Munich" collections are approaching the grand finale!

2024-05-15 12:10 PM by SammelDeinTeam–  2m read

Dear SammelDeinTeam Community,

The "Road-to-Munich" collections are nearing their conclusion with 7 miles of boots. You have been actively collecting - the commitment of the community is remarkable!

Now it's time to let you know the results of how many times each collection has been completed so far.

- Black collections: 298 completed

- Red collections: 76 completed

- Golden collections: 39 completed

(as of May 31nd, 2024)

Each of you who has completed one or more of these collections has not only put together an impressive collection, but has also secured the chance to win great prizes in our upcoming draw.

Congratulations to all those who have already qualified for the respective draws by completing one or more collections.

But it's not all evening yet! For all of you who have not yet been able to complete your black, red and/or gold Road to Munich collections, you still have the opportunity to buy the last missing stickers or unlock sticker packs with points until the launch of the new European Championship collection. After that, you will still have the chance to swap the last cards you need and complete the collections via our swap market until 31 May 2024.

With our final spurt campaign and the increase in the swap limit to 5 per day, we are trying to give you the best possible support in completing the collections so that you too can get into the lottery pots for the prizes and receive the exciting advantage discounts for the new European Championship collection!

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Yay! You have seen it all

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