EM Collectors Pack

EM Collections

You will receive 7 stickers, including at least one red or gold sticker guaranteed!

Points Price1,000 
You get 7 out of 84 Sticker

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Pack Sammler

Detailed Description

You will receive seven stickers in this pack. You are guaranteed to receive at least one red or gold sticker in this pack, but there may also be rarities hidden among the other six stickers!🇩🇪

Points bonus: Buy this pack and earn 500 extra points! Your points bonus will be credited to your points account after purchase.

The probability that a particular sticker in your pack has a particular color is as follows:

  • ⬛️ Black: 90%
  • 🟥 Red: 9%
  • 🟨 Gold: 1%

The probability that the seventh sticker in your pack has a certain color is calculated as follows:

  • 🟥 Red: 91%
  • 🟨 Gold: 9%